Feeling Self-Conscious About the way you Look or Sound on Video?

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If you’re not used to being recorded there can be a disconnect between the way you see and/or hear yourself and what you see and hear on the video. When you look at yourself on video what you see is always a mirror image. This is the way others see you. When you hear your voice recorded it may sound different to you. This is because you hear yourself through your head. The recording reflects how others hear your voice.


Here are things you can do to get past these insecurities:


Videotape Yourself

It helps if you see and hear yourself on video so you get used to how it looks and sounds. The first time will probably be a surprise but after a few attempts it will seem much more like yourself. Try also watching yourself on video in a mirror to get a more realistic idea of how others see you.


Consider Voice Training

If you think your voice sounds thin and weak, invest in a few sessions with a voice coach that we can recommend to you if needed. Many singing teachers can do this for you, too. You will be amazed at the difference it makes to do it right.


Practice, Practice, Practice

Nobody ever mastered a craft without practicing it. Your first attempt might not be great, but persist and make a few more videos. You’ll see you can't help getting better.


Manage Your Expectations

Finally, double check that your expectations are reasonable. Let's face it, with the budget and on-camera experience that you have, you're not going to get something that looks like a Hollywood feature film. And we are not all Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie -- not that it matters because they probably have zero credibility in your field. Be happy with who you are!


View the Downloadable PDF