Giving Back

Our team believes strongly in givnig back and doing our share.  We work closesly with non-profits and small businesses such as Do Good Adventures, Camp No Worries, Alzheimer's, PAWS, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, South Riverkeeper, Say it With Clay, and The Work Group


A sentence about how you can get involved as a business or indivual or family.  Partnership with DGA.


and involved in giving you these opportunities.

Supporting Causes

Breast Cancer Walk




Do Good Adventures 

Empowering Communities

Your video voice understands that sometimes small businesses can’t do the things that larger businesses can.  It’s great that the large businesses can set up foundations to give back or organize volunteer opportunities.. but small businesses don’t always have those types of resources, even though it is important for them. 

Our video voice is creating opportunities through our partner Do Good Adventures for small businesses to be a part of a giving back program for themselves or as an opportunity for their employees without the extra resources.  Consider us your philanthropic leg.   By  connecting small businesses together who want to do good, there’s no limit to what can be accomplished. 


We’ve partenered with Do Good Adventures because we believe their mission has a dual purpose that is great for businesses.. as well as non profit organizations and even families.  In a sense, they use volunteerism and giving back as a team building opportunity  because they have relazied that shared experiences is a powerful way to bring people together. So they created meaningful experiences through trips and programs that do good. 


If you’d like to be part of one of these life changing experiences,  Your Video Voice is organizing a trip to Peru where we will bring our shared knowledge, skills and experience to help some of the remote villages in Peru who are willing to learn but have few to learn from.  This trip will be an amazing networking opportunity for all.


Helping Businesses

We have partnered with Do Good Adventures because of their belief that it is the responsibility and privilege of one generation to help the next generation. We bring together communities and families, employees or friends help change the world for the better.
Because of our extensive experience, global network of experts, and understanding of issues, we are able to make this happen for groups of people intent on having an experience that will change their lives and those of the people they help.  Join us on your adventure in doing good.
Helping Business in Peru 
We are partnering with Do Good Adventures by connecting local businesess with like busineses in  Lima (?) Peru.
We give successful businesses the opportunity help communities, individuals and businesses where available resources are.
Team buidling 
Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Discounts for Non-Profit & Sustainable Organizations

Environmental Conservation (?)

Our team has Bay Clean Up Days
* Oyster Gardening in the South River
* Cleaning up a farms run off
* Gleaning in Maryland
Teens Revitalizing a reserviour in Jersey City (upload video to Vimeo and create link.)
Envirothon in Marlton, NJ
move to 
Lmove to non-profit page:
Last Boat Out Screenings and Educational Packets
Congressional Screening

The ______ hosted a congressional screening of our PBS documentary "Last Boat Out" in the National Capital in Washington, DC. The PBS documentary disuceess the state of the Cheasapeake bay and how polition effects the community working the waters.


Speaking to Private Invesitgators about our videos that helped capture criminals