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      "Working with Your Video Voice was really great. The response from prospective clients has been amazing. I

had a client tell me she didn't have to ask any questions before making an appointment because she had watched

the videos and could tell who I was, what I stood for in the process, and that I was clearly the right mediator for them.

I couldn't ask for anything more."                                                             Carl Viniar, ESQ., South Jersey Mediation

Business Testimonials and Overview Videos

Legal firms and medical experts use business owner testimonials, client testimonials, and overview videos to give viewers an opportunity to get to know them before they walk through the door. Video profiles give your clients a sense of who you are, what you stand for and if you'll be a good fit for him or her.


Corporate Compliance and Training Videos

Corporate compliance videos help businesses maintain a safe and respectful workplace by identifying and avoiding potential liabilities.


Day in the Life or Settlement Videos

We work with lawyers to give a voice to victims unable to see their day in court due to illness or other factors. We film objective, compelling testimonies while empathizing with the victims and loved ones. We are able to deal with sensitive topics with the respect and compassion that your clients deserve. Due to client confidentiality, we do not post "Day in the Life" videos on the web.  Contact us to view video excerpts. 


Public Policy Videos

Businesses and organizations get the word out about the changes in legislation and public policy you are trying to accomplish.


Legal and Medical Seminars

We document seminars and speaches given by legal, healthcare and business experts in all fields. 


Our clients include the Department of Defense, National Institutes of Health, America’s Most Wanted, and Top Cops, among other businesses and non-profits.


Our work has aired on PBS, CNN, MSNBC, CBS, NBC and Discovery, and the History Channel.