Producer • Editor • Videographer

Laura has produced and edited hundreds of videos for award winning websites, corporate commercials, broadcast TV, documentaries and events.  


Laura is known for her engaging personality and infectious enthusiasm.  Her ability to inspire clients is unique.  From non-profits with cost effective budgets to high end corporate videos, Laura works closely with clients to create a professional, high-quality, and high-impact product.


Laura's experience growing up on the Chesapeake bay lead her to become an environmentalist and water quality activist. When she's not behind the camera, you can find her sailing on the Chesapeake with her husband, David, and dog, Caylee.






Producer • Media Strategist 

Victoria has written and produced award-winning documentaries airing on HBO, CBS's 60 minutes, and featured at Sundance. 


Victoria has a long history of creating successful media campaigns and publicity solutions for all types of businesses and non-profits. She works closely with clients to develop the best practices for their businesses to use multi-media platforms to get the widest reach and best audiences.


Victoria has written four non-fiction books, and she holds a Master’s degree in Geology from the University of California, Riverside.




Drone Pilot • Location Supervisor

David Duny is a licensed airplane and drone pilot based in Annapolis, Maryland. He is a location specialist and is brilliant at finding clients ideal locations for their media needs. 


His award-winning drone footage has been included in many multi-media campaigns and he works hand-in-hand with clients and Your Video Voice producers to create impressive and important content for all media campaigns.





Client Services • Production Coordinator

Production Coordinator

As a twenty-six year veteran of the voice-over industry, Eve is an expert at understanding how to articulate a client’s messages in a clear, concise way. She has worked with many top advertising agencies on national and regional campaigns and has been heard on hundreds of local and national TV commercials. After working for sixteen years in the LA market, Eve and her family relocated to the Philadelphia metro area.